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Three-destination skiing

Three-destination skiing

06 - 18 декабря 2019

10 января - 22 февраля 2020

02 - 06 февраля 2020

01 - 28 марта 2020

From Arosa to St. Moritz via Lenzerheide! 

3 breathtaking days of skiing in the mountains of Graubünden  3 unique hotels – 3 top destinations 

Includes one overnight stay in each of the following hotels: the 4*S Valsana Hotel & Appartements, the 5*S Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa, and the 5*S Carlton Hotel St. Moritz, 2 day ski passes for the Arosa Lenzerheide resort plus 1 day ski pass for the St. Moritz-Engadine resort, arrival and departure by train, plus transfer between destinations. 

After a relaxing night in the new Valsana Hotel & Appartements, we will drive you to our new Tschuggen Express, which will take you directly to the freshly prepared slopes. In the evening you will simply ski to the Tschuggen Grand Hotel where your personal belongings will be waiting for you. The next day you will end your day's skiing in Lenzerheide where you will be collected by our chauffeur in the late afternoon for the one-hour drive to the Carlton Hotel St. Moritz. The following morning you will set out from there for more skiing fun in the breathtaking mountains of Graubünden. This special includes a single ski rental price for all three days, plus your journey to the resort and back by train from within Switzerland. You will not find a more exclusive way to discover Graubünden on skis! 

Price per person from CHF 2‘500 in a double room, including journey there and back by train (depending on your point of departure).

Deluxe Double Room 35 sqm

от CHF 2500 на человека

Deluxe Double Room 35 sqm

от CHF 2500 на человека

Contact us under +41 81 836 70 00 or info@carlton-stmoritz.ch